Rethinking Addiction

Rethinking Addiction - definition of addictionIn the beginning, some twelve thousand years ago, people used mind-altering substances in an attempt to connect more intimately with the spirit world.

Like trance dance and fasting, substance has been used since ancient times as a method to break through the barrier of reality so that communication with deceased ancestors could be possible.

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Making Realistic Goals for the New Year

Making Realistic Goals for the New Year - woman writingWhen I was struggling with substance abuse, I often found myself on New Year’s Eve, once again, making a promise to myself that I would quit cold turkey.

Sometimes, I would make it two or three days. Other times, I wouldn’t make it past the first.

The problem was, I was trying to upend my life in one stroke, a near impossible feat.

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Post Rehab Dos and Don’ts

Post Rehab Dos and Don’ts - dos and dontsCompleting a rehabilitation program is a huge step in recovery, but it doesn’t mean that you have solved your problem.

Remember, recovery is a daily practice and must be a priority if you are to continue progressing.

The transition from rehab to “normal” life can be a trying period, but it doesn’t have to be unnecessarily challenging.

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How to Stay Sober During the Holidays

How to Stay Sober During the Holidays - holiday decorationsIt’s the happiest season of all. Or is it?

The holidays, while being a time of gathering and celebration, can also trigger emotions that have long been repressed. When you’re unprepared, these triggers can incite relapse.

What makes the holidays so stressful for a person in recovery?

During the holidays, the pressure to be happy becomes overwhelming. Combined with issues related to money, relationships, and health, general stress becomes amplified.

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Top 10 Myths of Why People Become Addicts

Top 10 Myths of Why People Become Addicts - myths wordWhen I was growing up, the common belief about addiction was that it began with the first hit.

During D.A.R.E. week, a school program with the slogan “dare to not use drugs” we were taught to “just say no.”

We watched a video once where there was a rabbit addicted to crack. It showed him smoking crack once and then immediately chasing the drug and living in an alley the rest of his life. The problem with this video is that it wasn’t accurate: addiction happens much differently.

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